The rage against Fifty Shades of Grey (and its spawn) is infinite

Ok people, we are two grown women who HATE the shit out of the travesty of literature that is Fifty Shades of Grey.

We recently suffered through reading Fifty Shades of Grey, at roughly the same time. One of us lives in Wales. The other in Australia. One of us read all three books (yes, condolences). The other borrowed a copy of the first one to read, and suffered through the last one to be able to discuss them, and she didn’t feel like she actually missed anything by not reading the second one that couldn’t be garnered from a brief recap given by her Welsh friend. By the way, it says bucketloads for how terrible a book series is, when the middle tome of a trilogy can be skipped all together and you can ably pick up the story line in the last one. Anyway, the other woman may read the middle book – but by golly that’ll only be when she musters up the mental fortitude to suffer though more of ELJ’s tripey writing.

We hate these books. Hate is a strong word, but we feel it is validly used in the context of this literary abomination that EL James has managed to get published.

She ripped the story completely from Twilight, can’t write coherently, added in some repetitive (and quite overdone and boring in the end) sex, had a lead male character that in many cases would probably be pegged as an obsessive psychopathic rapist douchebag and tried to pass his quirkier traits of as “sexy” and “hot” (primarily because he is Riiiiiiich. Like really rich. RICH), and instigated one of the most insipid, stupid, awful lead female characters around – AND tried to pass her off as being a woman other women should hold up as a shining light example of awesome womanly godessness. *yes, we can make up words like that, EL James has proved it possible*.

So read our blog. It might only go for a week while we vent our rage, it might go for ages if our mashup un-FanFic version of 50 SOG and Twilight actually comes together. We don’t know. But enjoy the ride of our venting rage while it lasts!